Blue/Green Fangfoss Espresso cup set



A stylish set of 2 Blue or Green Fangfoss Espresso Cups; ideal for any passionate coffee enthusiast.

Please note that all of these cups are unique in shape and glaze, Fangfoss pots are hand thrown and the glaze cures differently depending where the cup is in the kiln. 

Fangfoss Hand thrown coffee cup

These exclusive hand thrown ceramic coffee cups have been hand crafted for us by Fangfoss pottery right here in North Yorkshire. We at Dog and Hat personally love these sweet little handmade cups and drink out of them everyday! 

All the pots are individually hand-made using stoneware clay, either on the wheel or by hand modelling, and finished using glazes developed by the Pottery.
The pots are fired twice – the second firing reaches 1280C.  During this firing process the atmosphere in the gas kiln is “reduced” and this enhances the colour and effects of the glazes.


Volume - 150ml

Height - 6cm

Finish - Natural with a blue or green dipped glaze