Echelon - Mexico [OMNI] [Roast Date 10.06.2024]

By Echelon


Mexico, produced by Lorenzi Lopez Ortiz


Mundo Novo & Pluma Hidalgo


Fully Washed


1700 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Plum, Milk Chocolate & Caramel.

Coffee Facts

Located close to the Pacific coast, the Sierra Sur is home to the famous Pluma Hidalgo variety. Here Raw Material work with Salomon Garcia and Union San Pedro. They are the most formalised, organised group we work with in Mexico and provide a strong model for other associations. Union San Pedro has built demonstrative fields, alternate cash crops and employment programs for young people as an alternative to urban migration.

Union San Pedro Is an association of eight smaller sub-associations that represent eight communities located around the town of San Pedro El Alto in Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur mountain range. The Sierra Sur lies to the south of Oaxaca city, toward the Pacific Ocean and the southern slopes roll down towards the west coast of the state. Union San Pedro represents around 180 coffee producing families and is coordinated by Salomon Garcia. Salomon is originally from Xanica, one of the eight communities of San Pedro and he helped to establish the association back in the early 2000’s. Along with the original leadership group, Salomon went on to found UNTAO to support the production of San Pedro as the association grew. UNTAO, which stands for Unión Nacional de Trabajadores Agrícolas Oaxaqueños, is the co-operative owned exporter and dry mill that we use to mill our coffees in Oaxaca city.