Harmony - Burundi [OMNI] [Roast Date 13.06/2024]

By Echelon


Burundi, produced by Migoti Hill, Rubanda


Red Bourbon


Fully Washed


1500 - 2000 Masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Peaches, Hibiscus, Fig, Caramel, Lemon Peel, Dark chocolate

Coffee Facts

In 2015, coffee as an agricultural product had been all but discarded in Burundi, due in large part to the 12 year civil war that lasted from 1993-2003, where farms were either neglected or destroyed. However, with the country settling back down into a time of tentative peace, local engineers Dan Brose and Pontien Ntunzwenimana saw an opportunity for their community to earn income by revisiting the abandoned export of coffee.

With Dan on the business end of things and Pontien constructing a new washing station, Migoti pulled off its first year of coffee production in 2016. Time has brought these efforts to fruition, and these days Migoti produce over 300 tons of coffee for export each year, providing a stable infrastructure for the entire community around them.