Jokes Aside Coffee - Peru Paltay [ESPRESSO] - Czech Republic


Guest International Jokes Aside Coffee #

Producers: Epifanio Montejo, Simeon Otrera, Romulo Miguel, Eraclio Montejo
Location: Masma, Uchubamba valley
Processing: Washed
Cultivar: Caturra, Typica, Catuaí

Recommended rest period before brewing: 2-3 weeks from the roast date.
If you close your eyes, it tastes like a lemon meringue tart.

Uchubamba is a small valley in the Masma district. It is situated in the edge of the jungle and as such we find a favorable land for the cultivation of coffee, which represents its main income for families in the area. Close to Uchubamba, we can find the small village of Paltay where only ten families live who mainly dedicate themselves to coffee growing, granadilla and hot pepper cultivation. In Paltay there are no schools, medical posts or local stores, so people normally have to travel to Uchubamba looking for some basic services. However, living away brings them the benefits of having a quiet and peaceful life in the field. In fact, they are like a big family, who takes care and helps each other.
— @cultivarperu

Each of the mentioned producers owns about 1ha of land. After the picking, cherries were rested for 24h under shade. Depulping was followed by 40 hours of fermentation in open tanks. Then the coffee was washed in clean water, followed by 10-12 days of drying on elevated beds.
— @jokes_aside_coffee

Enjoy this lovely coffee and feel fee to share your impressions or brewing method with us on instagram or catch us in person in the two coffee shops we have in Brno — @fainecoffee & @stav_se_espressobar