Jokes Aside Coffee - Rwanda Gitesi [ESPRESSO] - Czech Republic


Guest International Jokes Aside Coffee 

Producers: Communal smallholder farmers, Gitesi coffee station

Number of farmers/coffee growing area: 583 producers/64 ha

Processing: Natural

Cultivar: Red Bourbon

Recommended rest period before brewing: 2-3 weeks from the roast date.
Upfront sweetness, citric, tropical on the nose, candy-like, perfumy

Gitesi is a private washing station owned and run by a father and son team. It was built in 2005 and began processing coffee in 2006, it is located in the Gitesi sector in the Western Province of Rwanda. In 2010, they managed to turn a profit and have since built a sustainable company. Alexis is originally from the Karongi District where Gitesi is located, and his family has been growing coffee in this region for generations. Gitesi has very strong relationships with the farmers in the local community, there are over 1,800 coffee farmers who deliver cherry to Gitesi. This natural processeed lot #1 is a result of sundrying the whole cherries from 583 producers in the region.


The name "Imbuto" is the Kinyarwanda meaning for "fruit". And that's exactly what you're getting here. The coffee's aroma reminds us of yellow tropical fruit, a bit of red too. Heaps of ripe fruit on the nose. Layered and changing as it's cooliong down when brewed as filter coffee. With our espresso roast, you'll get a fu*kton of ripe fruit sweetness in the cup and perfumelike aroma. Great as it is, perfect choice for milk drinks.