Rum Baba - Brazil Anaerobic, Espresso [31/06]


Shipping from 6th June


Produced by Sidney Portilho, near Matas de Minas in Brazil


Yellow Bourbon


12h Aerobic + 10h Anaerobic


1100 - 1500 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Tropical Fruits, Pistachio, Clean

Coffee Facts

One of our first Direct Trade relationships where we clicked right from the start. We fell in love with his experimental approach!

The farm of Sidney Portilho is relatively small, located in the Matas de Minas area at 1100m. Harvesting and processing is done by hand. Different parts of the farm were harvested separately to create 'homogeneous batches' for further processing. The coffee, a Red Catuaí, is fermented for 9 days in tanks (anaerobic fermentation), dried naturally, without removing the peel, on average for 50 days. During the nights they were covered and during the day they received the sunlight. Sidney Portilho experimented with processing to create fruit forward coffee .