Rum Baba - Honduras, Espresso [31/05]


Shipping from 6th June


Produced by Rosalio at  Finca El Mandarino in Dept. de Ocotepeque, Honduras.






1360 - 1550 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Orange, Toffee, Milk Chocolate

Coffee Facts

Rosalio's father began to grow coffee on his own land in 1951, the year before Rosalio was born. For decades, the family tried to have as high a yield as possible, to increase their chances to earn a better income from the land. In 2011 everything changed for the better and for the first time, Rosalio sold a micro-lot for three dollars to a roaster in the United States. It was the first step in what would slowly develop into a fantastic friendship, and a great realization.

In 1979, the Honduran government had sent Rosalio to Costa Rica for three months, to participate in a course and study about coffee growing, and has been a teacher and a student ever since. Little by little, Rosalio taught himself the best techniques to prepare specialty coffees, and started building solar dryers and patios, to dry coffee according to the weather conditions and the preferences of his roasting partners. After many iterations and harvests, Rosalio started to redesign the solar dryers and began to build dryers that have small openings on the bottom, as well as along the upper side. He made the discovery that It allowed fresher air to enter in, then move upwards while it becomes warmer, and disappear through the openings on the upper sides of the solar dryer. This allows for a subtle current of air and a more precise regulation of the temperature and humidity, while also allowing the ability to close or reduce openings need be for air flow regulation. For the past 8 years Rosalio has begun to strictly focus on experimental and specialty lots, and has learned to diversify between washed, semi-washed, natural, red, yellow, and black honey.