Django - Colombia - Single Origin

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8 smallholder producers in the Popayan region of the Cauca department in Colombia


Colombia & Castillo


Washed (16 hour dry ferment then 3-4 washes)


1720 - 1900 masl

Django Coffee Co.

Notes of Plum, Stone Fruit, Cherry, Nutmeg and Treacle

Coffee Facts.

This coffee scored a very high 85 in SCAA cupping.

This Popayan regional lot is made up of 8 small producers in the region and harvested between May and July. Popayan is the capital of the Cauca Department; the name comes from the indigenous Quecha people from the word "Pampayán" meaning ‘Valley of the River’. The altitude of 1700 masl and fertile soils provide the perfect conditions for growing coffee, though in an area that was until quite recently, heavily influenced by guerrilla activity.

Through agronomy training and support the farmers have learnt optimum picking practices, selecting only when it is at its ripest, depending on the varietal. After picking, the coffee is de-pulped on a small machine on the individual farms before undergoing a dry fermentation for 16 hours to loosen the mucilage. After this the coffee is then washed 3 – 4 times to clean it before being dried in parabolic tents for between 8 – 12 days where they move the coffee three times a day to ensure an even and consistent drying. Once the coffee has dried down to below 11% the farmers then let the coffee rest for 20 days before delivering to the local collection point. Here it is graded and checked for the correct moisture before being cupped and allocated to the corresponding quality level.