Coffee By Tate Brazil [TRADITIONAL]



Manassas Sampaio Dias from the São Paulo region of Brazil.






1270-1300 MASL

Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Notes of plum, butterscotch and gianduja

Coffee Facts

Sítio Três Barras has belonged to Manassés’ family for at least 70 years when his grandparent, José Caetano Dias, acquired a small lot in the region, originally cultivating potatoes and peppers. Besides the farm’s main activity of potato cultivation, José had high hopes for coffee cultivation and, in the 1950’s, planted around five thousand trees but because he didn’t get good yields, the crop was discontinued.  It wasn’t until 2001 that Manassés’ father, Artesio Sampaio Dias, decided to give it another go. The farm has been producing coffee ever since!

In 2001, planted five thousand trees of Yellow Icatu and five hundred trees of Tupy in the hope for increased quality. In the first five years, the coffee cultivation showed great productivity, which encouraged the family to continue investing in coffee. In 2008, the farm associated with APROD (Associated Producers of Divinolandia), a producer group in Divinolândia which has producers of family agriculture as members, uniting their strengths to overcome the difficulties in coffee production and marketing. In 2012, the farm became Fair Trade certified.

In addition to this, more than ten years ago, the farm adopted a significant reduction in the use of agrochemicals, with less frequent applications of agricultural defensive products each year. The management of the natural vegetation, as well as the partial afforestation in consortium with the coffee crop, has made the environment ideal for increasing productivity, reducing costs and environmental sustainability.

The farm is currently part of a program to implement the concept of Regenerative and Conservation Agriculture, whose agenda is in line with the global agenda to mitigate the effects of climate change.Even as a smallholding, the Três Barras is aware of its social role in the local community, offering its partners and collaborators employment in suitable conditions, with good paying and good working environment.

Manassés is proud to be a part of APROD’s moments and achievements, and consistently produces some of the group’s best coffee year after year, demonstrating his talent and love for agriculture.

We have sourced coffee from Manassés a number of times, starting the relationship back in 2016. The coffee Manassés’ produces certainly speaks volumes about his dedication to quality and understanding of farm management.