Pharmacie - Honduras - Single Origin Espresso

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Finca Altos de Erapuca in the Copan region of Honduras


Catuai, Caturra




1860 masl


Zesty brightness, with notes of apricot, nectarine and a smooth creamy mouthfeel

Coffee Facts
Ownded by Carlos Refrain Paz Sevilla, Finca Altos de Erapuca is a big rainforest farm of which 24 hectares is specialty grade coffee. There are some signs of the coffee disease 'rust', as in almost all cases in Central America, but Carlos is still expecting a crop of around 2 containers between December and March when the coffee will be harvested. 

Rust is controlled on a 25 day spraying cycle, Only compounds permitted by the organic certifiers are used, making the fight against leaf-rust even tougher.