Wide Awake - Moon Safri [Espresso]




Yellow Bourbon, Catuai




900-1000 MASL

Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Pomelo, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline, Almond

Coffee Facts

Osmar Pereira Nunes Junior has been expanding his family coffee farm for over 30 years now. Today, the third generation of the Nunes family is operating the farm. Thanks to Gabriel, Osmar Junior’s son, he can now apply his agronomist experience to their production. For Gabriel, it is crucial to reduce the use of inputs by ensuring quality and making the correct soil management, bringing more environmental awareness to their business model. The Nunes family is now part of Sucafina’s IMPACT program, ensuring coffees have been produced in socially and environmentally friendly ways. 

This Lot is composed of Yellow Bourbon and Catuai that have been grown at the Fazenda Nunes located in the Cerrado Mineiro region at around 900-1000 masl. The coffee has been picked using a mechanised rake that is using vibrations to harvest ripe cherries. This method helps speed up the harvesting process as well as making it cost-efficient. When it comes to the fermentation, the coffee has been processed naturally with the cherries being then laid to dry in patios under direct sunlight while being constantly monitored and turned around to reach around 10% to 15% humidity content.