MACHINA - Uganda

By Machina


Rwenzori, Uganda


SL14 & SL28




1300 - 1600

Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Notes of Yuzu, Butterscotch and Praline.

Coffee Facts

Kiraro is an area at the southern end of the Rwenzori Mountains in the far west of Uganda close to the border with D R Congo.
It is a densely populated area with many smallholder farmers growing food for their families. Coffee is the main cash crop and farmers depend on their coffee to earn the money to pay for school fees.

We work closely with over 200 farmers in this area and during the harvest season we collect freshly harvested cherries from them on a daily basis.

The cherries are transported to Nyabirongo where they are carefully processed and monitored until ready for hulling and export. We encourage farmers to use GAP - Good Agricultural Practices, to improve both the quality and quantity of the coffee grown. Often very old coffee trees need to be ‘stumped’ to promote fresh young growth which will lead to better yields .