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KOPKOPI - Guatemala (filter) [Roasted 27/08]


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Prouduced by the Arenas Brother at their Finca La Perla in departamento de El Quiché, Guatemala.  


Bourbon and Caturra




1300 masl

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Notes of peach, grapes and milk chocolate. 

Coffee Facts

La Paz means peace. Kopkopi brings you The True Coffee of Peace from Guatemala. The brilliant thing about this coffee is it’s balance of tastes along with fruity juiciness. This plantation has been through it all - assassinations, wars with Guerilla Forces, guardian watches and Ronald Reagan. Read more to see how it's all connected.

This is an SHB Fancy EP coffee from Finca La Perla, an isolated farm located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. La Perla was founded in 1895 by the Arenas Family and is located in the La Quiche department of Guatemala.

El Quiche was one of the most affected regions during the Guatemalan Civil War, and La Perla is remembered for supporting Guatemala's indigenous population during this time. The Arenas brothers are still active in the movement for social and economic development for workers in Guatemala.

They support neighbouring towns through health and social projects and implementing free enterprise working environments in the region.

This coffee is known today as "Cafe de la Paz," or Coffee of Peace.

Finca La Perla (La Perla Estate) located in the ancient mountains of the Department of El Quiché, a place with fertile lands and majestic beauty, enriched by its abundant water and “microclimates” coming from the Gulf of Mexico, was always extremely challenging for the Arenas family; especially due to its distance, difficult access, absence of roads and rough terrain.

However, through the vision, tenacity, sacrifice, arduous work, unshakeable faith and love for the land and its people, José Luis and Amparo Arenas “the Patriarchs,” today “Silent Guardians” of their inheritance, did the impossible: turning those inhospitable lands in “promise lands,” a place of hope, dreams and unimaginable fulfilments.

José Luis and Amparo lived in Quetzaltenango, the second city in importance of the country, in the Guatemalan highlands; his father was Colombian and his mother Guatemalan, an insatiable worker, always willing to help his people, with a strong personality and temper, firm decisions, used to face big challenges no matter how hard, extreme or devious that these might be, he had in the moment of purchasing Finca La Perla another unique business opportunity: buying an estate in Antigua Guatemala, a region known internationally by its extraordinary quality of it coffee, not far from the Capital City, of easy access (30 minutes by car) and convenient features to work it.

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