Long and Short - Costa Rica - Single Origin

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Don Chico's farm in the Santa Cruz sub-region of the Tarrazu estate in Costa Rica






1600 - 1700 masl

Long and Short

Flavour notes of Dark Cherry, Halzelnut & Demerara Sugar

Coffee Facts

Cupping Score - 85

The Don Chico farm sits within the Santa Cruz sub-region of the famous Tarrazu estate, and fairly extraordinarily for the region, it’s high at 1600-1700 metres above sea level giving it close to the highest altitude required for optimal growing conditions.  (Highest coffee regions in the world are around 1800-2000 masl)

The farm was originally bought by Adolfo Gamboa’s grandfather, who passed it down to his father, who then passed it down to Adolfo.  Adolfo then eventually named the farm after his father, Don Chico, and has been working on the farm for over 40 years.  As he grows older, so will the tradition continue and the farm will be passed on to his children.

Finca Don Chico produces just 170 bags of coffee in total, 40 of which are processed by the Palmachil micromill and we are just lucky enough to have some.

This classic Central-born coffee has the hallmarks of a Costa Rican honey, with a sugary sweet tone running throughout.  There’s a fruit and nut vibe in the opening which dulls down to a Nutella-like aftertaste.  The hazelnut is present throughout if you pay enough attention.  Body is full yet smooth.

Note this is a 200g Bag