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Machina - Colombia

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Brand Machina

Gildardo Lopez Hoyos’s Finca Calamar farm near Paicol in the Huila region of Colombia


Pink Bourbon




1950 - 2000 masl

Roast Profile

Espresso / Filter

Tasting Notes

Notes of Butterscotch, Mandarin & Pistachio

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 87.5

Gildardo’s attention to detail and eye-popping results on the cupping table have brought him deep into the fold of Osito and we're so excited to work with him.

Cherries are harvested when ripe and then floated. Post-sorting the cherries are allowed to ferment for 30hrs prior to de-pulping. Once depulped the parchment is fermented for another 48hrs. Once fermentation and washing is complete, the parchment is dried on raised beds for 20-25 days.

The Pink Bourbon varietal is extremely rare, and is a mutation of Red and Yellow Bourbon. Research is currently being done to determine its exact place of origin, but is thought to have began in San Adolfo, Huila. Pink Bourbon is a difficult varietal to produce and maintain, as the “pink” gene is recessive to the dominant presence of yellow and red genes. In order to preserve the unique colour and character of this variety, each lot must be carefully isolated and contained.