Morgon - Ethiopia



Prouduced by farms around the Chelbesa washing station in the Gedeb region of Ethiopia.  


Dega, Wolisho  




2100 masl

Roast Profile



Juicy and sweet with notes of red currant and lemonade.  

Coffee Facts

In december 2019 we left Gothenburg for a trip to Ethiopia. During our week there we traversed the birthplace of coffee and it's majestic mountains. We came to the Chelbesa station by motorcycle, due to heavy rains, and the contrast from our dockside roastery, right at sea level, to the incredible 2100 meters was stunning. Here the producers' neighbouring semi-forest lots and gardens had some of the most even and beautifully deep red coffee cherries we saw all week. They were also some of the sweetest and most delicious ones we've ever tried, and the attention to detail while they were being sorted at the station was second to none. Adding all of this together, we just knew we had to share their coffee with you and are very proud to do so once again this year.

Shipping 9th August