Nero Scuro - Ethiopia Washed [ESPRESSO]


Shipping from 6th November 


Produced by smallholders from Gedo area of the Geldeb district.  


Regional Landrace




1950- 2200 masl

Roast Profile


Right Side

Floral, lemon, bergamot, white tea, pineapple juice  

Coffee Facts

In Ethiopia the production of coffee is mostly based on washing stations typically prepared for the processing of washed or natural coffee. These can be privately owned or have the form of a cooperative, and buy the drupes from small farmers in their woredas (districts). Located in the Gedeo area of Gedeb district, Banko Dhadatu is one of the best-known coffee production areas within the famous Gedeb Woreda. Known for its dense, layered semi-forest structure and vegetation that includes false banana trees and coffee trees grown in the shade of taller plants, it is an excellent example of the best agro-ecology of coffee cultivation. The Banko Dhadatu cooperative was founded in 2012. It is a member of the YCFCU, or Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers' Cooperative Union, an organization of cooperatives that help maintain a sustainable life for farmers in the area. This cooperative currently has 177 members, all different coffee producers in the region. Mitiku Alemayehu is the owner of the washing mill where this lot was processed. He built his mill in 2019 with the hope of getting to buy exclusively cherries from nearby farmers in the village of Banko Dhadatu. His ambition became a reality after the completion of the project. Mitiku is originally from the city of Gedeb; he started his journey in the coffee industry 12 years ago and still describes it as a success built on a solid foundation of community relationships. The processing method is classic completely washed Ethiopian, with drying on raised beds. Yirgacheffe coffees have a floral and lemon flavour - sweet, juicy, bright, floral, black tea, citrus - and this is true here. It is a soft, gentle coffee, with a creamy body that makes it inviting to sip. The aroma is of sweet flowers, perceptible as soon as you grind. The coffee shows floral notes with hints of lemon and bergamot, white tea on the nose, a beautiful round acidity of pineapple juice with sweetness similar to honey and a creamy sensation in the mouth..

Shipping from 6th November