RIGHT SIDE [FILTER]- Colombia Experimental Natural



Produced by the Contreras Brothers from Guadalupe, in the Department of Huila, Colombia


Pink Bourbon


Natural Mystic (Right Side recipe) 


1600 masl

Roast Profile


Right Side 

Watermelon, Green mango and Papaya. 

Coffee Facts

This lot is part of our direct trade action in the Department of Huila, the
country's epicentre for coffee cultivation, where we work together with
Coocentral, a cooperative whose values are total transparency and the
well-being of producers, promoting their economic security.
This is the case of the Contreras brothers whose objective is focused
on the production of specialty coffee. They represent a great
inspiration for coffee growers in the region due to their vision and they
also have excellent infrastructures for coffee processing. That’s why
this year, we have developed with them our Natural Mystic recipe in the
process with this lot, which makes it part of the series of post-harvest
processes in which we carry out several experiments in fermentation
and drying.
The Pink Bourbon variety, a mutation with its origin in Colombia, gives
us a completely different profile from what we have tasted so far, with
well-defined and clean flavours that make the result of this coffee

Shipping from 6th October