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Produced by Edward Marigi near Kiambu, in Kenya.  


Bourbon and Caturra




1850 masl

Roast Profile


Right Side  

Notes of Hops, Pineapple and Bergamot. 

Coffee Facts

This lot is part of our direct trade action in Kenya. The selection that
our colleague Lara has made this season comes from small producers
with their own processing facilities. Working without intermediaries
help us to have full traceability and a direct relationship with the
producer. In Kenya, coffee processes are usually handled through
cooperative societies.
Edward Marigi manages “Malaki” the family farm. His main goal is to
maintain the level of cultivation to make coffee cultivation a
sustainable business in Kenya by improving the quality of the harvest.
100% of the property's coffee trees correspond to the SL28 variety and
were planted in the late 1950s.
The process of this coffee starts with the collection of the cherries by
hand and afterward, they are pulped, fermented, and washed. Then,
the coffee beans are spread on African beds and left to dry until
reaching the optimum humidity percentage.
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Shipping from 6th October