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The Missing Bean - Honduras

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The Mierisch family's Cerro Azul farm near Siguatepeque in the Comayagua region of Honduras






1450 - 1900 masl

Roast Profile


The Missing Bean

Notes of Mandarin, Figs and Caramel

Coffee Facts

The Mierisch family is the leading role in speciality coffee in Nicaragua, where they have been in the finals in Cup of Excellence many times and are well established. As they decided to take on a farm in Honduras as well, they took their whole team over to build up good structure and routines in order to be able to ensure they will deliver the same quality. Doing this they are paying double salaries to motivate the workers to go, one salary for the family who is left home and one salary for the worker in Honduras. Just a nine-hour drive (with a smooth border crossing) away the Mierisch team can go between their mills. Eleane and Erwin Jr are investing a lot of time in Honduras. This is, of course, expensive, but as seen before with the Mierisch family, hard work pays off and last year they won the Honduras Cup of Excellence with Cerro Azul.

Cerro Azul is a big farm with a big variation of varietals and taste profiles. The family is planting a broad portfolio of varieties, they are also extremely talented in their processing. The farm is fully managed by the couple Doña Aide and Enrique Morras. It is a great loss that Don Enrique Morras passed in July this year. Enrique was a very warm man and an absolutely exceptional coffee producer and has grown this farm from seedlings. Our thoughts are with his wife Doña Aide and the whole Mierisch Family who are very close to them. This coffee is a tribute to Don Enrique Morras.