47 Degrees Coffee - BRAZIL [TRADITIONAL]


Brazil - Sul De Minas




Pulped Natural


1100 MASL

Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Notes of Chocolate and Nut with a smooth, well balanced body.

Coffee Facts

Sul de Minas is the biggest region for Arabica coffees in Brazil. 30% of Brazil’s total Arabica production comes from Sul de Minas. The region can be easily accessed through the Port of Santos, Brazil’s busiest coffee port.  

Our Sul de Minas blend is known for its chocolatey, round flavor. We source our medium to good bean (MTGB) is sourced from the Sul de Minas region. The most important point with this MTGB is that it’s stable, balanced and relatively clean for its price. It shouldn’t contain primary defects or major taste flaws.  

Most Brazilian coffee is grown on huge farms, built and equipped for mechanical harvesting and processing that are designed to maximize productivity. The relatively flat landscape across many of Brazil’s coffee regions combined with high minimum wages has led most farms to opt for this type of mechanical harvesting over selective hand-picking.   

In the past, this mechanization meant that strip-picking was the norm. However, today’s mechanical harvesters are increasingly sensitive, meaning that farms can selectively harvest only fully ripe cherries at each pass. This is great news for specialty-oriented producers.    

In many cases and on less level sections of farms, a mixed form of ‘manual mechanized’ harvesting may be used. The derricadeira  – a sort of mechanized rake that uses vibration to harvest ripe cherry - can be used to selectively pick ripe cherry more quickly and cost-effectively than individual hand pickers. A tarp is spanned between coffee trees to capture the cherry as it falls.   

With the aid of these newer, more selective technologies, there’s a growing number of farms that are increasingly concerned with – and able to deliver - cup quality.    

After harvest, cherry is typically laid to dry in thin layers on patios. Under direct sunlight, cherry is carefully monitored and turned frequently.