Artisan Roast - Brazil [DECAF]

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The Sul de Minas region of Brazil




Various & CO2 Decaffeinated


900 - 1200 masl

Roast Profile


Artisan Roast

Notes of Almond, Molasses and Cocoa

Coffee Facts

We use the Swiss Water® decaffeination process for our coffee, a chemical free process developed in Switzerland, hence the name, that nowadays takes place in Vancouver. The company are not only world leaders in decaffeination, but also very good in selecting green coffee suitable for decaffeination. This is a skill in itself because the usual rules for selecting delicious coffee don't always work when when beans are decaffeinated.

The coffee we roast is a special selection of the finest Southern Brazilian arabicas. Roasted a little fuller to a medium dark roast brings out a rich nuttiness and a sweet molasses like flavour that develops during the decaffeination process