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El Limonar farm in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala






1350 - 1850 masl

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Notes of Apple Pie and Pineapple

Coffee Facts

El Limonar farm is located in the mountains of Huehuetenango. The land was acquired by Rogelio Aguirre Gálvez in 1955 and he named the farm El Injerto.  Today, El Limonar is run by the third generation of the Aguirre family. Rogelio Junior was raised on the farm and taught how to take care of it and produce exceptional coffee.

Bailies lot is called ‘El Comedor’, it is solely of Bourbon variety and harvested from the highest point of the farm. The term 'El Comedor' meaning 'The Diner' was named after a period of Rogelio’s childhood, his teacher would take him on educational walks starting at 5am and after reaching the top of the farm where the lot is situated, they would have breakfast at 'The Diner'.

The picked cherries are brought to the wet mill at the bottom of the valley where they are pulped and fermented for 14-16 hours. The coffee is then washed in channels and soaked in clean water for another 24 hours. The coffees are then dried on concrete patios slowly over 8 to 10 days. Before being exported the coffee was milled and processed in Cafcom’s dry mill in Palin, which is currently the official mill for all CoE microlots.