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Black Cat - Colombia

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Finca Potosi part of the Granja La Esperanza organisation near Caicedonia in the Valle De Cauca region of Colombia






1400 - 1860 masl

Roast Profile


Black Cat

Notes of Cane Sugar, Dried Berries and Vanilla

Coffee Facts

With 188,725 trees over 52 hectares, Potosi is split into 10 lots and grows Sidra, Mandela, San Juan, Castillo and Colombia. Sweet Valley is produced combining beans from Potosi to create a natural Colombia landing at a time when fresh crop fruity coffees are harder to come by.

Cherry is fermented for 15 hours at a controlled temperature before being moved to a dehumidifier for another 72 hours until fully dried. It is then dehulled and bagged for export.

The Colombia coffee varietal is a hybrid of Caturra and the infamous Hybrido de Timor, a hugely influential cross between Arabica and Robusta that brings a lot of disease resistant traits to Arabica. By crossing with Caturra, members of Cenicafe, the Colombian National Coffee Research Centre were able to offer rust resistance and improved flavour profiles for coffee farmers in the mid 80’s. Colombia can prove fairly unstable as a cultivar though and has seen a lot of replacement with Castillo in more recent years..