Blossom - Costa Rica

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Mauricio Jimenez’s farm near Cedral de Leon Cortes in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica




Yellow Honey


1800 masl

Roast Profile

Filter / Espresso

Tasting Notes

Notes of Honey, Milk Chocolate and Nectarine

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 86

Earlier this year when we sourced the latest in our Competition Series, El Granadilla, one of our goals was to buy from a producer with whom there was potential for building a long-term relationship rather than simply buying a one-off microlot. Therefore, along with Mauricio Jimenez’s white honey geisha that was such a hit several months ago, we were thrilled to also buy his yellow honey catuai from the farm La Rosa. La Rosa is delicate, round and sweetness-forward, with a profile reminding us of milk chocolate and honey and a soft stone fruit acidity.

Located in Cedral de Leon Cortes, a subregion of Tarrazu in central Costa Rica, the plot of land dedicated to catuai production is just one hectare in size and is run by one of Mauricio’s uncles. Mauricio uses his neighbour’s wet mill in the nearby town of San Pablo. First, floaters are removed before ripe cherries are depulped. Then, the coffee is passed through a mechanical demucilager that can be adjusted to leave a certain amount of mucilage on the seeds. For this yellow honey, Mauricio leaves 20% of the mucilage on the seeds before drying, which takes place on raised beds for 10-12 days until a moisture content of around 10.5% is reached.