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Blossom - Espresso

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Brand Blossom

60% - Edson Morais de Barros' Pe de Cedro farm in the Mantiqueira de Minas region of Brazil

40% - Mártir co-op located in the La Plata region of Colombia




Natural & Washed



Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Caramel, Milk Chocolate and Plum

Coffee Facts

The idea when building Blossom Espresso is simple: to create a clean, sweet and consistent espresso blend which you can rely on, all year round. While the components change seasonally, the flavour profile remains constant and is always packed with sweetness, round in body and with an emphasis on great balance. In this latest iteration we’ve paired Pe de Cedro and Mártir, the result of which is a blend which we think tastes like caramel, milk chocolate and plum.

60% of the latest iteration comes from Edson Morais de Barros at his farm Pe de Cedro in the Mantiqueira de Minas region of Brazil. Unlike most traditional farms in Brazil, all harvesting at Pe de Cedro is done manually. One of the essential practices is processing cherries the same day of harvesting, and in this case, Pe de Cedro uses a classic Pinhalense machine for de-pulping, which removes the cherry skin and almost all mucilage from the parchment before going to the drying patio. The result of Edson’s thoughtful processing is a fantastically clean coffee, which provides the blend with a creamy texture and pleasing sweet notes of caramel and chocolate.

The remaining 40% of the blend comes from Mártir, a group of 18 producers located in La Plata, Colombia. This group has a meticulous and inspiring approach to growing the highest quality and most consistent coffee possible, and we’re proud to be buying from them for a second consecutive season. This is a washed process mix of caturra, colombia, castillo and typica varieties, and the result is a sweetness-forward coffee which adds a ripe fruit character and a soft, clean acidity to the blend.