Bonanza - Burundi


Shipping from 6th JULY


Produced by a group of smallholders local to Nyagishiru, in Buhinyuza, Muyinga province, Burundi. 


Red bourbon 





Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of raspberry, elderflower & lemon verbena

Coffee Facts

Nyagishiru can be found in the Muyinga province of Burundi, one of the least populated and lesser-known growing regions in the country. The land in this area is remarkably flat, making it the ideal place for producing naturals at higher volumes, due to the increased surface area needed to efficiently dry the cherries in smaller layers. As one of only 2 stations in the region, it is a vital resource to the areas coffee farmers and their families, and recently, a local school and health care centre are being constructed through a donation from the local exporting partner. The cup profile offers bright berry notes, slight herbal qualities, balanced with vanilla sweetness.