Bonanza - Ethiopia


Shipping from 6th JULY


Produced by T. H .Tesfaye and small holders from around the Sasaba washing station, located in the region of Guji in Ethiopia. 







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Tasting Notes

Notes of 

milk chocolate, vanilla and peach

Coffee Facts

For the 5th year we are excited to offer the powerhouse that is Sasaba. Sasaba is undoubtedly our most famous coffee now, and we continue to work closer with the washing station, implementing new processing guidelines to ensure even more consistency in the coffee produced. The Sasaba washing station supports around 500 local smallholder farmers, all delivering fresh picked cherry throughout the harvest. We are once again amazed by the intense chocolate and strawberry flavours coming through in the final cup, making this perfect for all brewing styles.

 The Sasaba washing station is equipped with a large pulper as well as over 600 African drying beds. The Sasaba washing station receives coffees from over 500 local smallholders in the local area and are mostly situated at over 2000masl.

Tsegay Hagos understands the success of the Sasaba mill is closely tied to that of the smallholders. he believes in supporting the farmers with training so that they can one day export their own coffee.