Brew Coffee Plus - Guatemala

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Don Mauricio Rosales's Finca Bremen farm in the Baja Verapaz region of Guatemala


Caturra & Catuaí




1100 masl

Roast Profile


Brew Coffee Plus

Notes of Red Apple, Vanilla and Biscuit (a.k.a. Apple Crumble and Custard)

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 85.5

Certified Organic

The coffee farm Finca Bremen was founded almost 130 years ago by Roberto Thomae and is now in the third generation of the family, for whom the sustainable cultivation of coffee and in particular the organic quality is essential.

Located in Purulhá, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala, 180km from the country’s capital, Finca Bremen has been the only Estate that has been recovered from an invasion of people alien to its locals. Ever since, Finca Bremen has contributed to the economical development of its local surroundings, generating job sources that help more than 350 families.

Their purpose is to generate a sustainable change in the form of production of Specialty Coffees in the region of Baja Verapaz, Guatemala, improve the quality of life to the more than 350 head of households, run an educational program for the children of these families, provide medical campaigns and constant training regarding new coffee growing methods.