Bunaberry - El Salvador

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The Baraona family's Los Pirineos farm located on top of the Tecapa Volcano in the Tecapa Chinameca region of El Salvador






1200 - 1550 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Strawberry, Plum Jam, Dark Chocolate & Caramel

Coffee Facts

Los Pirineos Coffee farm has been in the Baraona Family for more than 120 years, since 1880.

Gilberto Baraona is a 15 times winner of the Cup of Excellence in El Salvador, 6 of which were in the top ten. The Farm is located at the top of the Tecapa Volcano, in the Tecapa Chinameca Coffee Region. The farm has been the experimental ground for several new varietal projects, such as the Central America F1 variety.

The farm and Mill have 50 full time employees taking on a further 75 during the peak of the harvest. Gilberto’s obsession with quality means he pays well above the legal minimum wages to all his staff. He requires far more precision and attention to detail than the average coffee farm must, therefore invest time and money in the people who manage the processing. Due to the training and support, even his temporary staff are consistent from year to year.

Gilberto’s dedication to quality is uncompromising. He has the largest coffee seed bank in private hands in El Salvador and is constantly testing and exploring new options for unique cup character. There is real precision to the work on the farm when drying the natural coffees with a team of people constantly turning the coffee to ensure the most uniform drying.

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