Cafe Mokxa - Bolivia - Direct Trade

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Genaro Mamani Accidental Society co-op in the city of Villa Camacho in the La Asunta region of Bolivia


Red Caturra




1750 masl

Roast Profile


Cafe Mokxa

A silky, full bodied coffee with notes of Maple Syrup, White Chocolate and Nutmeg.  As it cools, Yellow Stone Fruit brings extra sweetness to the cup followed by subtle Black Tea.

Coffee Facts

Sadry from Cafe Mokxa was lucky to have been invited to judge Bolivia's best coffees from the 2017 harvest. Bolivia produces only 33,000 bags of coffee a year (to give you an idea our cooperative in Brazil of 1000 farmers produce 250,000).

The idea behind the Cup of Excellence competition is to promote Bolivian coffees and help them find an outlet for these small producers by putting them in direct contact with roasters or importers in order to guarantee them a decent income every year. The country is beautiful but cultivating coffee is a real challenge despite the richness of the soil!

The importer who brings us the coffees decided to help these small producers by sending of an agronomist on the work with them. The people who organise this contest make things happen for these small producers by having full transparency with them.

This is Lot 9 from the Bolivia Cup of Excellence 2017 competition.