Cafe Mokxa - Indonesia

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Klasik beans cooperative in the Puntang region of Indonesia


Catimor, Line S & Typica




1200 - 1500 masl

Roast Profile


Cafe Mokxa

Notes of Praline, Honey and Pineapple.

Coffee Facts

Eko Purnomowidi, one of the main Klasik Beans’ founders, started developing the specialty coffee niche in West Java by researching and evaluating the high potential of the lands and small farmers, who by the time felt unmotivated by the lack of knowledge on coffee and the low prices. For him, finding the rights partners was crucial. Now, the cooperative is a family of loyal farmers, a very skilled staff and an almost standard operation in all the locations where they have a strong presence.

Klasik Beans encourages their farmers to switch from very conventional/aggressive to organic/natural coffee production; “While it is true volumes will not be high, quality and prices will be”, Eko says. On this, I could not help to say that I wish consumers shared the same mentality when purchasing coffees and that is one of the challenges Klasik Beans faces: to educate not only its farmers, but its clients and to keep on bridging the gap between these two coffee sides still very far apart.