Radical- Powerhouse Blend [TRADITIONAL]



70% Villamaria, Colombia, Natural
20% Samba, Brazil, Washed
10% Popayan, Colombia, Washed







Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate, Fudge & Hazelnuts

Coffee Facts
Misspent Youth currently consists of two naturals, a Brazilian Mundo Novo from Armando Costa and an Ethiopian Heirloom from Israel Degfa. Armando Costa runs Fazenda Barrinha, in the Mogiana region of northeastern Sao Paolo State. The Kercha dry mill is located in the infamous Guji region. Smallholders of the Sharo area deliver cherry to the station, where it is processed by Israel and his team.

Both components of this blend are naturally processed coffees. Whole cherries are dried either on raised beds or patios in thin layers. Constant turning of the cherries is required to ensure even drying and to prevent the occurrence of defects.

Both coffees were sourced in conjunction with Kamba Coffee. Our head roaster visited Fazenda Barrinha as part of a relationship-building trip in May 2022. Israel Degfa is a part owner of Kamba; we visited him and some of his farms in 2020.