Casa Espresso - Charlestown Blend

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Blend of 50% Brazil Mantiqueira Amarelo and 50% Peru San Martin


Brazil - Yellow Bourbon

Peru - Pache, Costa Rica 95, Catimor, & Typica




Brazil - 900 - 1500 masl

Peru - 1100 - 1750 masl

Roast Profile


Casa Espresso

Notes of Rich Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Biscuit.  Dense body, syrupy mouthfeel and smooth finish.

Coffee Facts

This coffee is Casa Espresso's third espresso blend, named after the area where we are based, and is more of a traditional style blend.

We’re delighted to announce that the Charlestown Espresso Blend coffee has again been awarded a 1 Star in the coveted Great Taste Awards 2018.

50% Brazil Mantiqueira Amarelo:
Located in the Minas Gerais state, the Mantiqueria de Minas area was the first to get a geographical indication in the Brazilian coffee industry (supported and developed by BSCA).

This fresh approach, akin to ‘terroir’ in the wine industry, is redefining how people view speciality coffee from Brazil with 25 counties in the region and 7,800 producers, of which 89% are smallholders. The area comprises 69,500 hectares and altitude ranges from 900 to 1,500 masl, with a predominance of yellow varieties over the more typical red.

All coffees are minimum 84 SCA points as part of the denomination and many enter the late harvest Cup of Excellence in Brazil. It’s a Natural Processed coffee.

50% Peru San Martin:
Moyobamba is one of the ten provinces that make up the northern region of San Martin. Grown at 1100 -1750 masl. The region contains around 3,500 species of orchids, giving a name to Moyobamba city as the City of Orchids.

This coffee is a Washed Process. Cherries are picked and pulped at farm level here, being dried and delivered in parchment to Frontera’s dry-processing facility in Chiclayo where coffee from 27 different small scale co-ops is processed.