Casa Espresso - El Salvador

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The Salaverria family's Los Nogales farm in the Apaneca Llamatepec region of El Salvador


Hybrid de San Francisco




1450 - 1650 masl

Roast Profile


Casa Espresso

Notes of Soft Stone Fruit, Floral, with a Creamy Body

Coffee Facts

This is the second exclusive coffee from exporter JASAL and the Salverria family on the los Nogales estate.

This lot is from a plot on the farm named ‘Miramar’ and consists of Hybrid de San Francisco varietal grown at 1450-1650 masl and is dry-processed at the farm.

Los Nogales is a very special farm for JASAL as it was the first farm that the Salaverria bought and it is where Jose Antonio Salaverria grew up. He grew up surrounded by the fruits of Los Nogales and we thought it was the perfect place to launch Project Nogales where you can choose the plot of land, the process & the variety.