Casa Espresso - Guatemala

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Ayarza Cherry Mill, El Retiroin the Santa Rosa region of Guatemala


Red and Yellow Catuai, Pache Colis & Red and Yellow Bourbon




1800 - 2000 masl

Roast Profile


Casa Espresso

Notes of Stewed Plums, Turkish Delight and Parma Violet

Coffee Facts

Based in Santa Rosa, south east of Guatemala, the coffee is produced by Cooperativa El Porvenir R.L. The co-operative includes 28 small farms. Olam Specialty who is the importer, works directly with the farmers, and rents this mill for a number of years to boost the quality of production from this area. They have installed new equipment, and oversee the specialty preparations.

The cherries are dried for 19-20 days on patio. This is Ayarza’s first year at processing naturals, and what a great coffee for their first time at it.