Cast Iron - Colombia [DECAF]

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Cooperatives working with DR Wakefield across Colombia


Caturra & Typica


Washed & Swiss Water Decaffeinated



Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Notes of Red Fruits, Brown Sugar and Chocolate

Coffee Facts

This fantastic decaf coffee is imported into the UK by our partners DR Wakefield and forms part of their Source Collections exclusive coffees. With Colombian coffees, Excelso is one of the grading term used to specify the coffee bean size and the uniformity of size selection helps increase cup quality and flavour.

Sourced from a number of cooperatives, the ripe cherries are picked and sorted for quality. They then enter the washing process to remove skin and pulp before sitting in fermentation tanks for up to 14 hours. Next the beans are dried outdoors on patios until the moisture content reduces to 10-12% Finally, they are sent to Swiss Water for the natural decaffeination process to take place. Please read more about SWD in our blog post here.