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Benjamin Paz's mill near Las Quebradas in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras






1400 - 1500 masl

Roast Profile


Rabbit Hole

Mango, Brown Sugar and Orange Blossom Honey

Coffee Facts

This coffee comes to us thanks to the partnership between farmer Angel Antonio Rivera and processing mill owner Benjamin Paz. Benjamin is a leading force in the Santa Barbara coffee community, where he helps process coffees, support farmers, and connect them with coffee buyers around the world—which is how we came to know Angel and build this relationship.

This coffee is a great gateway into the world of single origin coffee. With a dynamic stonefruit & tropical sweetness typical of the Santa Barbara region, it’s unique enough to shine on its own, but still has enough balance and body to be a relatable and all-around enjoyable cup.

This coffee is part of our Best Friends Club initiative, in which we set aside a portion of our sales of our Honduran coffees to directly give back to the farmers. Find out more about this project on the Cat and Cloud website.

* 10oz bag (~283g)