Chipp Coffee - Brazil

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Fazenda CETEC farm in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil


Yellow Catuai


Natural Anaerobic


1050-1200 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Strawberry, Florals and Red Fruit

Coffee Facts

Fazenda CETEC is a quirky-named and high-quality-focused coffee farm in the heart of Brazil's main coffee production state, Minas Gerais. CETEC stands for 'Center of Technology of the City of Lavras' which stands as a legacy to a technical school Heitor started with his late brother Izonel Junior a decade ago. The brothers turned to coffee farming at the same time and decided to apply a technical innovative approach to coffee processing to mirror the school. This way of farming has reaped benefits and CETEC has a reputation for accessible, full-flavoured, high-quality coffee.

Careful process control and innovation have set the foundations for the flavour profile of this micro-lot. To build ripe fruit like flavours after harvesting the brothers reduced the available oxygen in the pile of harvested coffee and held it in this condition for three days, monitoring pH carefully. Drying then took place in a drying system designed on CETEC where the fruit can dry in a more controlled and gentler environment.