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Cloth Filter - Chemex 3 Cup


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Made from an organic cotton and hemp blend, this cloth Chemex filter gives you the best of both worlds between metal and paper filters. Letting through more oils than paper, but holding back all of the fines that metal filters let through, you get a sweeter, more full bodied cup, but with none of the silt.

Made with French seams and and a bias binding, these filters are built to last, and if taken care of will give you hundreds of delicious cups of coffee

Size - Chemex 3 Cup - Will work as a replacement for the Chemex FP-2 half moon filter

Type - Cloth, Reusable

Care for your new filter
  1. Empty - Get rid of as much of the coffee as possible
  2. Wash - A thorough rinse in hot water should be enough. If you do decide to use soap, use a washing up liquid. Do not put it in with your laundry, you’ll never get the smell of detergent out! Boil in fresh water every month or so to remove any built up oils. Adding Cafiza or similar product will get your filter looking and tasting as good as new!
  3. Store - If your filter stays damp for too long, it will start to smell, so there are three options: Good: leave it to dry, and store it dry. Better: store it in water in the fridge. Best: put it in a container while wet and store it in the freezer