Coffea Circulor - Ecuador


Shipping from 7th February 


Produced by José Pepe Jijón, in the Intag Valley, Imbabura of Ecuador. 


Typica Mejorada




1550 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Bergamot, Honey, Meyer lemon, Peach and Pineapple.

Coffee Facts

José Pepe Jijón is an Ecuadorian force of nature.

Pepe was born in Brazil in 1974 and is a psychologist by trade. He has also conquered Everest. His passion for coffee culture propelled him to gain several important certifications in the search of excellent coffee gifted by the land of Imbabura. One of his principle motivations to work in coffee production has been the possibility of contributing to economic and environmental sustainability around his region and the world, as well as the ability to enjoy the flowering of the coffee plant. For Pepe, the ability to live on the land and support the development of Ecuador are major motivations to continue his work. As a coffee grower, Pepe believes that technical support and economic justice are key to keep moving forward and continue being an important agent in development.

Finca Soledad stands at 1,515 masl in a terrace rising above the Intag Valley in the Imbabura province in Ecuador. Surrounded by endemic trees in biodynamic balance the terroir expresses just what nature has to give in full. Pepe listen carefully to the silent language intrinsic to our ecosystem to develop profiles that enhance vibrant and delicate notes. The farm stretches over 120 hectares, eight of which are set aside for the production of various coffee varieties including Typica Mejorada, Caturra, Castillo and Sidra. There are other projected varieties to emerge in due time, namely Gesha.

Pepe’s coffee is also recognized by Taza Dorada, a contest designed 100% in Ecuador, by the National Association of Coffee Exporters, ANECAFE.

In Pepe's own words: "My work with Typica is a work in progress". 

Scoring - 89.75