Coffea Circulor - Kenya


Shipping from 7th February 


Produced by Ivica Cvetanovski & Macho in the Meru region of Kenya.


Isolated, Ruiru 11, AA-grade




1500 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Yellow apple, mint, lime, peach, honey and gooseberry.

Coffee Facts

Ordo Ruiru WDX is driven by Coffea Circulor's base method for dry fermentation with the intention to remove water usage from the fermentation stage. After picking ripe coffee cherries, they are delivered a local cherry collecting location. Here, the under ripe and overripe cherries are sorted out to be fermented with similar sized and coloured cherries.

The cherries are pulped (removing the cherry) by squeezing through screens that separate the pulp from the interior grain/coffee bean. The seeds are then fermented in tiled tanks, with no water, while still maintaining parts of their surrounding juicy cherry. The beans are slowly dried on raised beds for 14 days under supervision. During night time, the beans which are still in parchment are covered tarp to protect them from occasional rain. During daytime, the beans dry by the power of the sun. Upon reaching optimal moisture levels (11.5 - 2%) prior to removing the parchment, the beans enter the milling stage.

Scoring - 89.5