Coffee Box and 100ml Blue/Green Cups Gift Set


What's Included?

  • 2 x 250g coffees, including Rounton Festive Blend and Salford Festive Blend.
  • Each bag from a different roaster
  • 2x small hand-made Fangfoss coffee cups, they are 7cm tall and 6.5cm wide and each holds 100ml
  • Whole bean coffee
  • All our One Time boxes are sent in recyclable packaging
  • Free Delivery

The Coffee:

The Festive Blend - Marzipan, Port, Mixed Spice - 250g

This coffee is suitable for Cafetiere, Filter. AeroPress and Espresso.

It's the time of year for a cupful of seasonal cheer. Our all-Peruvian Festive Blend is a mix of washed and natural coffees that create a merry brew, full of red fruits, nut sweetness and a subtle spice finish.

A great blend creates something that's more than the sum of its parts. We have combined natural and washed Peruvian coffees to create a boozy, nutty, spiced treat.#

Salford Christmas Blend - Apple Strudel, Strawberry Cream and Dark Rum - 250g

This coffee is suitable for Cafetiere, Filter. AeroPress and Espresso.

A sumptuous and rich Festive Blend for 2023’s Christmas edition then, giving this coffee a lovely Gateaux feel, full of baked apple, strawberry cream and believe it or not a dark rum finish to the cup! With our Great Taste 2-Star Award winner, San Antonio and the other 2023 winner, our exclusive Natural, the Ugandan ‘Bukonzo Dream’, we’re so happy and think you’ll love this more than ever. Treat yourself and relax with a rich, festive Xmas drink. Perfect accompaniment to your Festive cakes and chocolate treats.

These are packed tissue and made to look great on arrival! 

We ship via Royal Mail RM please allow 1-2 day for the coffee to arrive with you after dispatch.

These boxes are ideal as gifts, for special occasions or for those that don't want to commit to an ongoing subscription.