Coffee by Tate - Guatemala

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The Bressani Family's Finca San Jeronimo farm near Patalul in the Aitlan region of Guatemala






1500 - 1700 masl

Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Notes of Caramelised Biscuit, Cranberry and Fruit Cake

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 85.5

Situated in Guatemala’s southwest highlands, the area around Lake Atitlán boasts bountiful soil due to the volcanoes in the region. Coffee is farmed along the slopes of the volcanoes and benefits from the unique microclimate that exists in the lush valley below.

The primary activity of the Bressani family farm is dairy with proceeds subsidising the coffee production. For years the farm sold into a local exporter with prices dependent on the C-market until they ventured into speciality coffee in 2014.

Giorgio convinced his father to stop selling coffee to the exporter and instead looked for a different way to make the business profitable. His sister Gina was studying in the US when she approached a local roaster in town wit ha sample of her father’s coffee. The roaster loved the coffee and agreed to buy it, opening a gateway into speciality coffee.

Whilst at times the dairy operation has continued to subsidy the coffee activities, the coffee production side of the business provides work for 500 local families. They are constantly adjusting their processes and listening to what nature is telling them to help ensure the coffee is of the highest quality and continues to help support local families