Coffee Collective - Guatemala

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Edwin Martinez's Finca Hermosa farm in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala


Red and Yellow Bourbon, Caturra & Pache




1600 - 1900 masl

Roast Profile

Filter / Espresso

Coffee Collective

Notes of Pecan, Nougat and Orange Blossom

Coffee Facts

Finca Vista Hermosa is our longest-standing partner and was the first farm we bought coffee directly from. We’ve actually been buying from them since we first started Coffee Collective in 2007. Edwin has even visited Copenhagen a couple of times and we’ve been there every year since then.

The land was bought in the mid-'50s by Edwin’s grandfather. From the initial get-go, the main ambition for the family has been to help the local population in getting better living conditions. Edwin told me that coffee is a means to empower the local growers. Teaching them to cup and get more knowledge about specialty coffee has enabled many to grow higher-quality coffee. This is very visible in the fact that more young people are choosing to keep growing coffee instead of moving away to the city.

There are definitely similarities between Finca Vista Hermosa’s approach and the Coffee Collective’s. We are both are using the love for coffee to create a change. This also goes for the environmental approach. The farm doesn’t use pesticides and the main ingredients in the fertiliser they use are from their own sheep, the manure mixed with coffee pulp.
At the present moment, the main focus of the farm is to increase yield size, to become profitable again. Back in 2014, they lost about 90% to leaf rust, and ever since they have been focusing on recovering. They have planted approx. 30,000 trees this summer from their own nursery. Mainly as replacements for old trees or sick trees. 50% of the new ones are from the variety, Caturra.