Coffee Cupping Set


What's Included

Here we have everything you need to start your coffee cupping journey - an SCA certified cupping spoon, a Rhinowares cupping bowl and a bag of whole bean coffee.

Spoon Specification

18/10 stainless steel cupping spoon engraved with Dog & Hat logo in the bowl and 'Dog & Hat' on the handle.

Finish - Stainless Steel
Bowl width - 44mm
Bowl depth - 12mm
Length - 163mm
Thickness - 3mm

How to cup - basics

Grind 11.5g coffee into the cupping bowl, fill to the brim (210ml) with 94'C water, wait 4mins and break the crus and smell aroma, then wait till 8mins to start tasting the coffee

* The bag of coffee included will change monthly