Colonna Coffee - Nespresso® Compatible Capsules



Combining a new, all-aluminium design with state-of-the-art grinding technology, we have created Nespresso® compatible capsules that are brighter, stronger and more characterful than ever.


These new aluminium capsules are 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable. To recycle your used capsules, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Enjoy a delicious cup of Colonna Coffee.
  2. Enjoy another delicious cup of Colonna Coffee. (Optional)
  3. Before recycling, allow used capsules to cool.
  4. Break the lid with a teaspoon and scoop out the used coffee grounds.
  5. Rinse out any residual grounds.
  6. Dispose of in your household recycling (just like you would a drink can).

As with all coffee preparation methods, to get the best results out of these capsules we recommend that you use good quality water, shake the capsule before use, and calibrate your machine to provide the following sized coffee:

  • Long - 80ml output
  • Short - 25ml output

Discovery - Long


Coffees from Ethiopia’s Kochere region have long been favourites at Colonna — they consistently deliver outstanding cup profiles that we can’t get enough of. Smallholders local to the Boji washing station hand-pick and deliver cherries, where they are meticulously processed until a moisture content of precisely 11% is reached.

A quintessential Ethiopian coffee — Kochere Boji begins with Earl Grey tea, towards raspberry and cream.

Discovery - Short


Located in one of Costa Rica’s most important coffee growing regions, Ines is a farm devoted to quality and traceability. This natural Sarchimor microlot was grown using a computer calculated fertiliser formula, allowing for both incredible cup-quality and crop sustainability.

This short capsule is all red fruit — expect raspberry and banana notes throughout, with a smooth pecan finish.

Foundation - Long

This fully-washed Regional Select lot was grown in Peru’s up-and-coming Cajamarca region. The highest-scoring coffees from producers within Cajamarca were collected, cupped and combined to create Chirinos — a stunning example of Peru’s flavour potential.

Cajamarca Chirinos begins with poached pear, towards notes of grape and an almond brittle finish.

Foundation - Short


Finca La Independencia is a farm owned and operated exclusively by women — a rarity amongst Colombian coffee producers. Farmed in the famous Cauca Department, this Castillo lot showcases the incredible quality and flavours this region has become famous for.

This fully washed short capsule features notes of green apple, with cherry and medjool date on the finish.