Harmony - Brazil FILTER [ROAST DATE: 27.6.23]


Roasted 27th June

From Paulo Sérgio Sabino’s Serra do Morembá farm near Nepomuceno in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.




Anaerobic Natural


950 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Lemon, Strawberry, Honey and Coconut

 Coffee Facts


 Maria José Almeida and Paulo Sérgio Sabino are married, the parents of two children and they work together at the Serra do Morembá farm, in Nepomuceno, in the south of Minas Gerais. Family farmers grow coffee on the small property, with 2.5 hectares of crops and 1 hectare of preserved forest at an altitude of 950 meters. There, there is also a fully preserved water spring.

The two batches of Arara variety coffee, with anaerobic fermentation, grown by the couple, ranked fifth and sixth, respectively, in the III Nepomuceno Coffee Quality Contest, with emphasis on the sensory notes of coconut water and apple green.

Arara is a natural cross of the Obata variety with yellow and stands out for its large, yellow cherries that offer a clean and sweet cup, providing extraordinary sensory attributes.