Rhino Stealth Milk Pitcher 360ml White


Rhino Coffee Gear Stealth Milk Pitchers stand apart from other models. Developed by people who understand the needs of the specialty coffee industry, Rhino pitchers have been designed with some great features. The spout is designed specifically not to drip and aids smooth and precise pouring for your beautiful latte art!

The proprietary non-stick surface and food safe double coating system ensures the pitcher is more durable than other teflon brands. The surface makes it easy to keep clean, saving valuable time in a busy cafe or home setting. They really do look and feel great!

Underneath the coating is a 1mm thick food grade stainless steel body which provides better stretch time for texturing milk. The thicker steel also provides a great weight and professional feel while helping to protect your hands a little from the heat. 


Cleaning: It is not recommended that these non-stick pitchers be washed in the dishwasher. For best results and a longer surface life, avoid chemicals and clean with warm soapy water using a non-abrasive pad.