Craft House Coffee - Colombia

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Aldemar Calderon's farm in the Huila department of Colombia






1700 masl

Roast Profile


Craft House

Lychee, Honeydew, Red Currents and Butterscotch with a toffee finish

Coffee Facts

La Granja is a small farm in Colombia’s Huila department a region known for some of the origin’s highest scoring coffees. Producer Aldemar Calderon uses this 20 hectare farm as a personal laboratory, meticulously cultivating a collection of interesting and unusual varietals.

We chose this Pacamara for its incredible floral, fruity and ever changing complex characteristics - its unlike anything we have ever tried before. Those who are fans of this rare variety will be blown away!

So, what's a Pacamara anyway (we hear you say)?  Well, Pacamara is a rare varietal that's a cross between the Pacas (a Bourbon mutation from El Salvador) and the Maragogype (a Typica mutation from Brazil with legendary, massive beans - in fact, the biggest beans of any known coffee).  This hybrid started life in El Salvador and is a popular but rare variety, mainly due to it's low yields.


* This is a 200g bag